WHAT: TOUCH is a remote & present exhibition of installations about isolation
WHERE: @ The Alhambra, Morecambe, North West England
WHEN: Sunday August 15 to Sunday August 22, 9am-6pm (Sundays 1pm-6pm) 2021

What does it mean to be
~in TOUCH with each other
~in TOUCH with our work
~in TOUCH with the news
~in TOUCH with life!

At Morecambe’s Alhambra Theatre, with its stunning views of Morecambe Bay and the Lake District, you’ll discover TOUCH, an exhibition of installations on the theme of isolation mixing narration, theatre, music, art, spoken word, video, audio and sculpture.
Local, Northern and national artists tell mini-stories about identity and human connections – or the lack of them: pandemic, political, gender, race, age, social, health, economic, geography, education, ecology.
From Morecambe-based artist Beki Melrose and the goths of Corrosion to London stand-up Paul Ricketts and American pop star Dean Friedman, TOUCH (which includes ‘ouch’) is a wonderfully leftfield window into how we can join to make sense of our world’s uncertain future.
Nearly all the installations are 3mins 30secs long — the average length of a pop song. And you’ll find a couple that are 8mins 20secs long – the length of time it takes for light to touch the Earth from the Sun… and which is also the length of time it takes to fall in love.