Cobalt by Invi Brenna

Here’s a riddle for you: “I’ve never been to Shetland before, but I went because I was homesick. Who am I?”

When I was little, my grandmother had a cabin near the old cobalt mines in Norway. I wanted to tell a story about her, and about her cabin, and about cobalt. So I got myself a ton of cobalt-based paint and set off travelling – I do my best work on the move. (Do not lick the installation, by the way. The installation contains heavy metal. Literally.)

I didn’t make the piece I set out to create. Does anyone ever? Instead, I followed a random hiking map, some misleading road signs and my heart, and found something I should’ve seen coming – but didn’t expect in the slightest.

“Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.” — Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle


Black Spout Touch (3:00)

Invi Brenna is…

…a they/them theatremaker, translator, troubadour, traveller, thinker, tinkerer, T-Rex. Based in Canterbury, Kent (during the pandemic. Mostly based in a suitcase otherwise.) Born east of the river in Oslo, Norway.


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