Tick Box by Lubna Kerr

The two videos here at Touch are extracts from Tick Box, which combines theatre, storytelling and comedy to interweave the journeys of two Scottish Pakistani women united by blood, passion and determination.

Tick Box is a semi-autobiographical, bilingual, one-woman play, in Scots-English and Urdu. It describes a Pakistani woman’s journey from a very comfortable, middle class life in Pakistan to Govan in Glasgow, sharing challenges and contrasts that she encountered when she moved here. This is intertwined with the story of her daughter and how parallel their lives were, decades apart. Both women encountered many barriers and situations that typecast them in a stereotypical role of downtrodden Asian women.

Lubna Kerr is…

… an actor, comedian and writer and has made appearances on stage, television and film. In 2019 she was awarded funding from Create Inclusion to develop a one woman play called Tickbox and further developed this with an award from the Scottish Arts club in 2020. She is a regular on the radio and has written for the Scotsman and the Sunday Times newspapers. This year (2021) she was thrilled to receive the Stellar Quines award to research her new short play Bella and Max. In May 2021 she was lucky to secure funding to write her full length play Tick Box and she is performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year where its being produced by Army@thefringe.