Halfway Normal World by Dean Friedman

‘Halfway Normal World‘ expresses a longing – familiar to everyone during these long, isolating lockdowns – to return to, at least, some semblance of ‘normal’. Depicting that aspirational goal as only ‘Halfway’ normal is an acknowledgment that given the ways in which the lockdown brought structural inequities into stark relief, we can still do a whole lot better than the imperfect state of ‘normalcy’ that preceded this disruptive pandemic.

Dean Friedman is…

…a New York-based recording artist who has made his mark in a variety of media beginning with a string of chart-topping hits (Ariel, Woman of Mine, Lucky Stars) in the late 70s and going on to include soundtracks for TV and film, development of virtual reality games for TV, theme parks and museums, and the creation of a giant musical playground called the Music Atrium featured at children’s museums and theme parks around the world. At the core of all these multimedia efforts is music.

‘Halfway Normal World‘ is from Dean Friedman’s newest album American Lullaby.