Limerence: Memories of the Old Basingstoke NCP Car Park by Phil Jarvis + Neil Whiteley

Inspired by the Uncomfortable Oxford Walking Tour and a book Car Park Life by Gareth E Rees, I wanted to write a book about the previous Brutalist NCP car park in Basingstoke town centre. That never materialised. I also enjoy the walking history format. When thoughts during the Covid pandemic turned to how to do a ‘happening’ with actual people, the idea that a car park offered a temporary space for some sort of unofficial performance appealed. I wanted to capture the longing and nostalgia for something that used to exist, or even partially does through sections conjoined with a new car park, and fostered in me a lifelong interest in the architecture of post-war Brutalism. 

Phil Jarvis + Neil Whiteley are…

…We are both working men who wish to remain anonymous (Phil looking anonymous above). We have been friends since school age and bonded over making no-budget films and jamming for long tangents.  


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