Spiritual Morecambe by Meri C Dickson

In 2020, I was writing my MA dissertation on the Spirituality of the Seaside. During the first lockdown I collected a sizeable amount of insights from people who related to the seaside, specifically at Morecambe, in a spiritual way.

These ranged from traditional religious paths, to alternative spiritualities, to health and wellbeing, to art and sport.

The overwhelming conclusion shows that being at the seaside and interacting with it provokes a spiritual connection. The pandemic rendered this connection even more poignant for many people.

Meri C Dickson is…

…a former English Teacher, currently studying for a PhD in Religious Studies at Lancaster University. I have strong family connections with the area dating back to the 17th century, and I currently live in Bare.


Email: c.m.dickson@lancaster.ac.uk
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Twitter: @MorecambeSpirit
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