Unity Is Strength by Beki Melrose

For Touch I’ll be painting a wall in a neighbouring street [on the corner of Marlborough Road and Alexandra Road near the Alhambra] alongside an evolving assemblage installed at the main venue of drawings, ideas, video, excerpts of conversations, random happenings and/or possible interactions from my studio and the street that come together over the duration of the exhibition. Over lockdown I started to learn and practice signwriting, I never had enough time before! Reconnecting with brush and paint felt very primitive and therapeutic, providing a warm and welcome solace amidst the chaos and devastation happening outside my front door. 

Beki Melrose is…

Beki was born and lives in Morecambe where she finds a constant source of creative inspiration and loves living by the sea. Except for three years at art school in Winchester and a period navigating artistic practice in London, she relocated back to Morecambe permanently and has since spent the last ten years invested in building creative collaborations, projects and work that is socially engaged and inclusive. She is a key player at the Good Things Collective – it is here she has been able to combine the artist in her, together with a drive for social change and justice.

Connect with Beki:

Instagram: @bekimelrose 

Email: bekimelrose@gmail.com